Our school is located in Patras, Greece. It was founded in 1979 by Theodora Mastoropoulou, who graduated from Hammersmith and Westminster College, London.

Our aim is  that our students will experience a pleasant and creative learning process which will lead to conquering and using the Foreign Language in their daily lives. In this way, students will enrich their personal culture, they will suceed in their exams and broaden their career prospects.

Our students feel safe since they are in a place where making mistakes in not only acceptable but in fact essential in order to integrate in the  learning process. Any form of bullying is intolerant. Our school promotes healthy competition and freedom of speech.

Our priority is our students to evolve and broaden their horizons and it is our delight to contribute to that. Many of our graduates, who are parents themselves today, entrust their children to our care!

Director of Studies

Sofia Kalliakoudi has been the director of the school since 2015. She holds the TESOL Diploma from Trinity College London. She has been teaching English since 2012.
In addition she is a graduate of the University of Crete in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology.
She has attended numerous seminars on the strategies of teaching students in all levels and also teaching students with Learning Difficulties.

She has gained valuable experience having taught English to students from all over the world, working for Ardmore Language Schools in the UK.

She loves travelling and doing sports. She believes that learning a foreign language introduces you to a different way of thinking, it makes you tolerant and understanding no matter where people come from or what they believe in.

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